About me

Draw, tell stories, and tell stories by drawing.

That's what I love to do and that’s my job.


I live in Villa de Mayo, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

I studied Art Drawing and Painting and I'm a teacher in Visual Arts. I really enjoy teaching a few hours a week, the rest of the time I dedicate myself to drawing, to writing, to share life with my family and to share my work giving talks, workshops, conferences, and visiting schools.

I published many books as illustrator and several of them also as writer.

I write my stories to share them, to enjoy sharing and to make enjoy those who live my stories with me. I write with a deep respect for writing, with the help, training and guidance of people whom I admired and admire a lot in the Art of writing.

I Draw telling things, I like the illustration as a narrative code, as a language capable of taking the reader through a story filling the path with not only beauty, colors and aesthetics. I draw looking for an illustration that can have also the power to mobilize, to excite, to fun, to open questions and to make think.

I work on my illustrations mixing traditional and digital media, starting with pencil and paper, as when I was a kid, then I digitize and paint on the computer. I think with pencil, paper and computer, we make a good team. I’m not sure about having a single and defined style, but trough time I forged my way to doing, to thinking my work, to facing it and to taking each project to the end. That allows me to work professionally and grow with my job, exploring, enjoying and learning every day.

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