in Book Fairs, Literature events, Teacher Training Centers, Teachers Institutes, Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Talks, workshops, conferences.

I am also a teacher, so I love to share and put all my work and my experience to serve those who need it or those just feel curious. My work goes through very diverse subjects, the experience giving talks and the concerns of those who have called me, taught me that some of the topics which I can contribute on are:

- Creativity, creative unlocking and project start-up.

- The illustration, especially as a narrative code.

- The illustration creative process

- The classic stories, their new versions and the new readings of their original versions

- Reading at school: the keys to enjoy reading in the classroom.

- The creative process for en editorial project: from an idea to a book coming real

- The picture books: Their reading levels and their narrative resources. Keys to tell a story with images, keys to open the reading of a visual text.

- My books and my work.

I have shared many of these spaces with teachers, and some of them with illustrators. I live each of these events as a transform experience with a lot of enjoyment, and that is my way to share them. It’s not only about sharing knowledge, We also usually have a great time.


Telling stories in schools

Another of my great enjoyments is visiting Kindergartens, and Schools. With the little kids we share stories projecting their illustrations and drawing front them. They ask a lot of questions and we usually have great talks, we share ideas and we end up all eager to read and draw. With the grown up children, after the stories the talk and the concerns are much more extended, and we even share workshops with some tools for the creation of stories and to unlock the creativity and the enjoyment to drawing.

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